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Polyamorous personalities are amazing people with the most intimate and sophisticated sex fantasies. If you want to experience fabulous sex and laid-back in its own way, you can try free polyamorous dating sites with the best terms of use. In fact, a polyamorous relationship is a great opportunity to have open intimate and at times romantic relationships with several adults at once.

What Is Polyamorous Dating?

Sexual orientation doesn’t matter as dating a polyamorous woman is also encouraged. In its turn, polyamorous can be both heterosexual men and women as well as bisexuals, gays, lesbians and similar amazing comrades. Poly amorous differs from open relationships by the presence of sexual and romantic intimacy between partners.

What’s more, polyamorous relationships have something in common with a short-term romance where sexual professionalism prevails with a good attempt at being polyamorous. To your knowledge, polyamorous sex implies an ideal intimate relationship in which each polyamorous partner knows about the other.

Is polyamorous real? Polyamory is an unassuming ethical philosophy and practice of loving many sex partners at the same time. One way or another, this is often said in a polyamorous society. Polyamory is an amazing intimate relationship that emphasizes the conscious choice of the number of sex partners with which an adult wants to be connected.

There are several common types of ideal polyamory:

  • Individual polyamory: in the run, people do not have a mainstream sexual relationship. But they have had the experience of dating several sexy people. In their personal lives, such seemingly ideal sex partners remain independent in their preferences and principles. It can also mean dating a polyamorous guy.
  • Polyfidelity involves a group of three or more adults with committed relationships with each other and dating one partner from their group.
  • Hierarchical polyamory includes a list of adult participants who have primary intimate partnerships with which they spend the most time. Such voluptuous relationships may also include secondary and tertiary partnerships which are also given time and attention. As a rule, a primary partner can have more sexual power over particular adult intentions.
  • Non-hierarchical polyamory is related to hot and the most attractive people who do not have a hierarchy of sexual partners. It can be called egalitarian polyamory or even intimate relationship anarchy to some extent. Each ideal sex partner may get equal time and attention. Such a partner can also have equal input in important decisions in these relationships.

Polyamory vs. Swing

Experienced swingers tend to have several amazing sex partners. They can even develop emotional or romantic relationships with their ideal sex partners. Swingers often attend adult private parties and other events to exchange sex partners. They may have regular sexual partners as well. Most of all, their focus is not on romantic relationships. Polyamorous people often focus on developing romantic and sexual relationships at once. Polyamorists can take the role of swingers or attend swinger parties to amuse themselves. Swingers can be also polyamorous.

Partners in polyamorous relationships tend to be open and honest about their existing partners. Successful polyamory depends on integrity and open communication as well. Polyamory means being open while showing your actions with other sexual partners. Some people in independent polyamorous relationships can lead a double life and even a triple one!

A polyamorous (short – secretiveness) relationship can be considered a kind of wayward aspect depending on the related agreements. Good examples include watching a new sex partner and hiding it from anyone. Dating with polyamorous means learning something unusual and sophisticated in terms of non-traditional relationships among adults.

polyamorous dating

Polyamorous Relationships Types

Unlike monogamous connections that have one appropriate sex partner, polyamory comes in a number of forms and can change over time depending on the individuals involved.


Triad refers to relationships with three adults. In addition, one person can even date two or more different people.


The Fantastic Four refers to relationships with four sexual members. This type of polyamorous relationship is practiced when two polyamorous couples date one person from another couple. You may also have a full “four” in which all the members are sexually involved with each other.


This term refers to people who are romantically involved. For example, it could be you and your main partner, your main partner’s secondary partner, your main partner’s main partner, etc.

Parallel Polyamory

This kind of polyamory refers to an intimate relationship in which you know about each other’s partners but have no contact with those individuals.

Solo Polyamory

People in single polyamorous relationships have no intention of pooling their life infrastructure with their beloved partners. Thus, they prefer to have affairs on the side with another sex partner. It often refers to polyamorous sex dating.

Pros and Cons of Polyamorous Dating Apps


Save Time

Top polyamorous dating sites and apps save you precious time. You can now meet and communicate with charming personalities who want sex right now and at any time. This is very convenient in the modern world when adults are constantly on the move: work, study and various projects. Therefore, even random polyamorous dating sites is a great option for this.

Good Choice of Sex Partners

There are much more choices on adult dating apps than in real life. We meet hundreds of nice people on the streets and some of us look at every passerby as a potential sexual partner for a squirt or blowjob. The best polyamorous dating apps will help you get to know each person in detail. There will be many more of them to gain a good sexual experience.

Well-Designed Search Criteria

A definite plus of all real polyamorous dating sites and applications is that you can set the search criteria that are important to you. When registering on the best app, you simply fill out a short form about yourself. Accordingly, the top application or site processes all this and gives you profiles of those users who suit you in terms of set parameters. It offers those who suit you best. This is very convenient as you immediately find people with similar interests and with whom you will be interested in talking.


Paid Accounts

There aren’t many decent hookup sites for Polyamorous dating that offer a ton of useful yet paid features.

Questionable Security Level

Even the best applications do not always use a good level of security in the course of connecting using even legit polyamorous dating sites and applications. One way or another, check out the actions of the “best” application based on trusted sources about a particular site or application for casual sex.

How to Find a Polyamorous Partner?

Polyamorous Groups on the Internet

The easiest and most affordable way to start perfect dating with suitable and hot poly people is to visit online polyamory groups. There is also a separate guide on how to search for and find the best and most verified online polyamory groups.

Sometimes people write and ask about online groups they can recommend. PolyLandDiscord is the best online poly group you will ever be in. This is the best mood for those who are seeking the perfect sex companion for polyamory. Helpful, funny, supportive, just a wonderful group of people with common sexual preferences and outlooks.

Polyamorous Meetings Offline

Another good method for polyamory is to find polyamorous meetings in your area. You can visit Meetup.com to find polyamory groups nearby. These groups are even better than dating online as they have the benefit of being interactive with potential members.

Through polyamorous encounters, you can get to know good sex partners and people who can be better immersed in polyamory itself. This means that you will learn a lot by interacting with them and gain even more experience. You will be able to make good sexual friends who will support you while adjusting to polyamory.

As you make suitable polyamorous friends (even if one of them becomes a romantic partner) you expand your network of poly opportunities. Having a wider circle of polyamorous candidates may increase your chances to find better sex partners.

Kink Scene

Kink is another good option for finding polyamorous people. This is a great way to explore your local kink scene, especially if you’re a pervert yourself. Of course, not all polyamorous people are perverted. But there are more polyamorous members trying themselves in a kink scene.

Top Online Polyamorous Sites Right Now


OnlyFuck main page

OnlyFuck is an amazing adult site where you can find perfect pleasure-driven adult options. The site is especially geared towards hot people who love casual and laid-back dating. Therefore, you can find there your fabulous sex partner with great ambitions.

If you joined the site for a casual relationship and were ultimately satisfied with the results, rest assured you will come across those with OnlyF*ck. As the name suggests, they are all about keeping it casual.

OnlyF*ck is a good poly dating platform that helps you find a casual non-relationship buddy. There are tons of profiles you may browse to find someone to have the perfect sex date. If you are especially seeking something physical instead of love or a relationship, then visit this perfect site!


OpenMinded main page

OpenMinded is among decent polyamorous sex dating sites that is dedicated to building a platform for casual relationships. The site is protected and designed as a free platform where sex partners can express themselves in any way that suits them without being embarrassed by many naughty things.

OpenMinded has an adult content section that gives you good information about everything you wish to know about casual relationships. You will gain knowledge on how to start a casual relationship and the rules on how to maintain it.

In addition, OpenMinded is a suitable option for veterans and newcomers who are just starting their journey in the world of multifaceted dating. OpenMinded provides a glossary that is entirely dedicated to the vocabulary and terminology you see on the community forum so that you can quickly become familiar with it.


PolyamoryDating main page

This is one of the top sites dedicated to bringing together polyamorous couples. The site seems like a great social networking platform where you can read about polyamorous dating opportunities, meet different people, and blog about intimate topics. Since many adult members are seeking casual relationships, you will find your perfect match.

If you prefer to be discreet, you may reconsider joining this poly dating site as this website has a rather lesser level of discretion. The following poly dating site is focused on encouraging poly relationships as the best option that gives you more opportunities. You can join the platform by registering through Facebook or on the website via email.

You can still maintain privacy by using a disposable registration email. In addition, PolyamoryDating has a level of privacy that protects your personal information. Thus, you can access the site from a private location. Either way, this polyamorous site is worth a try if you want to meet adults who are really interested in polyamory.



BeyondTwo is a top free adult site for individuals who are interested in poly relationships. With BeyondTwo you will find suitable people quite soon. Like most hookup websites, BeyondTwo allows you to find the right people nearby, have spicy and intimate conversations and share your opinions.

One of the great features of BeyondTwo is the “group feature” that allows its potential members to create a group around the desired topic and generate it to focus on a certain sexual orientation. This nice feature allows you to connect and interact with candidates with whom you share similar sexual interests and values. This excellent approach makes it easy to select partners who match your sexual disposition.

Signing up for BeyondTwo is free. When registering, fill out an application that the site will use to submit matches. With a lot of great features, BeyondTwo is what you’re looking for especially if you want to try poly dating. Whether you’re doing it for fun or just to satisfy your sexual desires, then give this site a try to know polyamorous adult dating better.

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