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A nudist lifestyle may be hard to lead. Especially when it comes to dating. Dating a nudist can be an exciting experience. This NudistFriend review is attempted at gathering lonely nudists looking for love in one place – Nudist friend dating site.

What Is NudistFriend? (Short Review)

Launched in 2001, NudistFriend is a place where nudists and exhibitionists can mingle and connect. Currently, this one is the biggest and effective community of nudists. On the website, one can not only find a desirable experience but also tons of information for those looking to try out this lifestyle for themselves.

According to the users reviews, most of the site’s visitors reside from the United States, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Since its foundation, the site is continuously developing and growing, as it attracts more new people every day.

The truth about NudistFriend is that it attracts an almost equal amount of male and female users. There are also more older members (aged 35-54) than younger ones, which is great for those who enjoy dating mature people. It’s 100% free to join and welcomes people of all sexual preferences.

In this review, we took a closer look at the website to see if NudistFriend is good and does it really backs up all the claims. Is the website truly so good for nudists and exhibitionists, or is this another website full of interesting content? To learn whether or not is NudistFriend good, check it out in our NudistFriend review!

NudistFriends main page

NudistFriend Usability

One of the best ways to predict users’ satisfaction while browsing the site is to scan the NudistFriend usability.

The NudistFriend website features a minimalistic design with blue colors combined. The colors create a neutral background that doesn’t distract members from their main aim on the website. Yet it may not look like an up-to-date site, it’s easy to get used to it over time. What about the interface, it may seem confusing for the newbies on dating sites; however, it works great for experienced users. To facilitate your navigation, there’s an extensive FAQ section so you won’t get lost while surfing the site. Moreover, the site offers loads of content on its forums, which you can get acquainted with.

What about mobile-friendliness, NudistFriend offers an optimized browser version for mobile users. Some may say the site looks even better on mobile devices. Just like the website itself, the mobile version is free to access, downloads fast, and has all the same functions as a PC version. For those, who don’t want to feel attached to a monitor while interacting with nudist singles, the mobile version is a good alternative.

Is NudistFriend Worth it?


  • You join a supportive community with the same preference and get a chance to meet someone in your area;
  • Although there are many photos with nudity, the site doesn’t feel like a gratuitous or pornographic place in any way;
  • There is a lot of content that gives great tips and advice;
  • It’s a safe environment that cares about its members and implements an obligatory verification procedure;
  • Paypal’s high-security system will protect your personal financial information;
  • An accurate matching system can pick you up a perfect match among a large user base.


  • Many profiles aren’t detailed enough;
  • Does not have its mobile app;
  • Only paid features.

How Does NudistFriend Work?

When it comes to nudist dating, – is like for nudists.

When you first join the site, you can create an account, upload pictures, and search for other members. Don’t worry about payment! These things can be done absolutely free of charge!

It’s important that you get acquainted with what the site offers before investing money.

NudistFriend girl

Becoming a paid member is a piece of cake. All you need is to click the “Upgrade now” button.

So how does NudistFriend Work? As soon as you join the site, you get a profile to fill out. Here is when your journey starts. Search for members with the help of a search filter, wink and message them and utilize the NudistFriend special features for more success. Our review of explored the following ones:

First Date Ideas

Since the first dates are always the most exciting, the site’s members discuss how to make it memorable and less awkward.

First Nudist Experiences

Since everyone starts somewhere, NudistFriends’ experienced community offers a little help for new members who just joined the site. This feature offers advice on first nudist experiences and other general nudist life topics.

Let’s Meet

This feature is similar to that of Tinder. You will be presented with profiles of different people on the site. Your task is to decide how much you like those profiles. If your likes coincide, it’s a match!

Nudist Dating Advice

This section covers all the most relevant topics of nudists’ lives. Even though NudistFriends – is primarily a dating community, moderators and other site members are also up to discuss various topics, including how to tell a non-nudist about your secret passion.

Certified Nudist

This feature gives you the option to print a document confirming that you are a nudist. To receive this certificate, you must submit the picture of you both naked and dressed, holding the document that confirms your identity. As a certified nudist, you will receive a verification badge on your profile. According to many positive reviews, “certified nudists” have higher chances to build connections with other members, increase their views and contacts.

NudistFriends create account

Sign Up

So when you’ve firmly decided to join the website, you can get straight to the registration process. The NudistFriend sign up is a fast and easy process. The algorithm is very simple.

All you need is to submit your email address and phone number to pass the verification process. In addition, you can sign up using your Facebook account.

The next step is submitting some basic information about your personality. You need to enter your name, age, gender, and sexual preferences. Keep in mind that NudistFriend is an adult community that kindly welcomes adult members. You must be at least 18 years to join the website.

After that, you can upload a profile photo. You’re allowed to post explicit photos and show your nudity. This is all that NudistFriend is about all in all.

After uploading your image, it must first be approved by the website team to make sure it complies with the above policy. You’re also free to create a photo album and upload photos that demonstrate different parts of your body.


As stated in the Privacy Policy, NudistFriend takes appropriate security measures to ensure the users’ safety and security. Your private and financial data are secure from unauthorized access and disclosure.

Starting from email and phone verification during the registration process, Nudist Friends wants to provide the members with ultimate security. Moreover, the site’s moderators keep a finger in pulse to exclude inappropriate data, which is a great security approach.

When purchasing a paid subscription, you may be contacted by the website team to ensure that your payments are secure. For added security, we recommend using PayPal.

People who apply for a Certified Nudist title are rigorously screened to make sure they are not fake.

Search & Profile Quality

The final step in creating an account is to provide additional personal information. You can write a short introduction to your profile, mentioning anything that you think others would like to know about you. We advise treating this step with responsibility as this is how other people get a clear idea of ​​your deep and kind personality.

To increase the number of your matches or receive more connections, we strongly recommend making your profile as informative as possible.

For those looking for more specific acquaintances, there is an opportunity to seek members based on their location, gender, age, and sexual preferences.

The website respects the wish of some people not to demonstrate their passion for nudity to the world. Hence, you are always free to hide your profile not to appear in the search results.

NudistFriends quick search

Prices & Plans

No positive review of Nudistfriend is complete without pricing, which is great. Since many potential members want to learn the most about a website, the pricing -quality ratio is crucial for the majority of them.

1 Month of fee-based subscription costs 29.95 USD. The lowest price is for loyal members who purchase the 6-month membership. 6 Months cost 95.95 USD (15.99 USD per month).

Since free members have relative freedom in using the website (f.e becoming a certified nudist, NudistFriend log in, or responding to messages), fee-based members are greeted with much more privileges.

Fee-based features include:

  • Initiate sending messages;
  • Check how often a user replies to messages;
  • View “Certified Nudist” list;
  • Appear at the very top in searches;
  • Get highlighted.

Payment options include PayPal and Cheque. Your subscription is auto-renewal, which is convenient as the system takes care of the payments for you.

Help & Support

A professional customer support team is available to help members with any issues that may occur while using the platform. It is also possible to report a misbehaving user, so the profile can be reviewed and banned from the website if it violates the rules, which is a great option. To contact a professional and nice customer support service, please feel free to call 1-416-628-1072 or email them at [email protected]. Customer care is available 24/7.

Besides, there is an extensive FAQ section to help you navigate the site and solve your issues on your own.

Conclusion is a legit site where single nudists and exhibitionists can find a partner for long-term relationships, flirting, or simply pleasant communication. It traces back to 2001 and provides users not only with dating experience but also with useful tips about first dates and how to inform a non-nudist partner about your passion. A convenient browser version and a wide range of communication and special features make an excellent choice for all nudity lovers.

We hope this review of NudistFriend helped to shape your opinion about the site. You can also consult other profound and honest NudistFriend reviews to hear another opinion.

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