Short Review of MenNation

It’s amazing how quickly our world is changing. After all, even a few decades ago, homosexuality was considered a deviation. Many gay people suffered from social censure and could not find inner harmony. But today, our society has become more tolerant and representatives of sexual minorities. They are respected and supported. Moreover, you can watch colorful parades in different cities and countries, visit special gay bars and chat on various social networks. Most importantly, homosexual men can find a partner quickly and conveniently by using the services of a quality dating site. You just need to choose the right service that will take care of providing maximum functionality and ensuring security. Thanks to this review, you will be able to make the right choice because here we will tell you what is MenNation.

Pros and Cons

Choosing the right service starts with an analysis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses. You need to analyze all aspects and understand if this dating site is right for you. A thorough analysis can take a long time, and we will help you be more effective. We have systematized all the important data in this section of the review, and you can decide is MenNation good.

Pros of MenNation

  • This is a well-known and high-quality company, where a huge number of active users are registered;
  • The service offers a simple registration procedure and a wide range of options;
  • The company uses modern technologies so that communication with other participants will be as comfortable as possible (chat, e-mail, video communication, etc.);
  • The site provides a high level of security due to the use of the SSL 3.0 protocol;
  • Service rates are an additional benefit;
  • Efficiency – during its work, the company has helped many men find a partner for sex, flirting, and even serious relationships;
  • An advanced search algorithm has dozens of filters and considers many parameters;
  • Lots of unique features, including BuzzMode and other cool features;

Features of MenNation

  • Communication with other users is a paid function;
  • The site has a responsive design, so the user can visit it from a mobile device.

MenNation main page

Reputation and History of MenNation

Today the dating site is one of the leaders in the segment. The success story began in 1996 with the founding of a small service. Here people could share their fantasies, as well as find partners and like-minded people for sex or a pleasant pastime. Convenient functionality and care about the quality of work helped to gain popularity. A large number of positive MenNation reviews have appeared on the web, and many users have decided to register here. According to statistics, about 100 million people are registered here today. More than 60 million accounts are owned by US men. Therefore, the chances of finding a partner are great. It is a decent option that offers functionality and efficiency.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Sign Up Process. Is It Easy Here?

The main priorities for the company are customer convenience. The company introduces innovative solutions, but the site remains convenient. Even an inexperienced user can quickly go through the MenNation sign up procedure. The process consists of a few simple steps.

  1. You can visit the official site and click the “MenNation log in” button located at the top of the screen.
  2. Now you need to enter your personal information (age, email address, year of birth).
  3. Read the service documents (which may contain useful information) and agree to the company policies.
  4. You should now receive a new email with a welcome link.
  5. Clicking on the link completes the registration procedure, and you become a client of the adult site.

MenNation create account

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Each new client of an adult site can learn more about what is, get acquainted with the functionality, and start spicy communication with other users. But it is important to know if you are communicating with real people. The answer to our review is “Yes”. After all, you can enjoy a spicy video show where another participant brings your sexual fantasies to life. Also, many clients of the adult service take communication here seriously. Their profiles are verified, have real photographs and information about a character, sexual preferences, and other features. We recommend that you communicate with those participants who have been verified and provide maximum information about themselves. So, your online communication will be as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Website and Mobile Version

We tell the truth about MenNation in our review. Caring for the convenience of the user and the quality of the services provided is one of the priorities of the adult service. Therefore, real professionals were invited to work on the site. Quality designers were able to create a nice website with a great combination of colors and shades. The user can easily find the section he needs, activate the desired function, etc. What’s more, even after a few hours of chatting on an adult website, your eyes won’t hurt. And one more important advantage of the company is the presence of a mobile version of the site. The user can visit the page from any modern mobile device (Android or iOS). The set of functions remains the same so that the participant can get maximum pleasure in any place convenient for him.

Special Features of MenNation

This is an interesting section of the MenNation review because here, we talk about the unique opportunities provided by the adult service to clients. And the company has made sure that your piquant sensations are as strong as possible. For example, the site has a section with blogs and sex stories from members. And each user can share their spicy fantasies or events with others. Also, the adult service offers to join interest groups and communicate in a group chat with like-minded people. And the fun part is the broadcast and Buzzmode. The adult site invites users to enjoy spicy sexy webcam shows. And the Buzzmode function allows the toy in the actor’s body to vibrate. So other users can influence the script of the show, which is very juicy.

Partner Search

How Does MenNation Work?

Now it is necessary to talk about how MenNation work in our review. The adult service uses the most modern technology so that you can act as efficiently as possible. For example, the site analyzes user behavior and likes. It can suggest potential matches and consider the number of failures and their causes. You can make the work of an adult site more productive by filling out a profile as much as possible and providing all the information about yourself. This will give your account better search visibility and higher rankings. And an increased likelihood that other clients of the adult site will write to you first.

Searching Options and Filters at MenNation

One of the most important tools that help you find the perfect partner is the search program. MenNation dating site uses the most modern algorithms to make the selection as efficient as possible. A client of an adult service can specify dozens of parameters that are important for him. This is the appearance of a potential partner (height and weight, hair and eye color, body type), sexual preferences (asset, liability), as well as other parameters (city of residence, character traits, etc.). It takes just a few minutes to set up the search program. And then, the algorithm will analyze the multi-million dollar user base and select the best matches for you.

Communication Methods

Now in the review, we talk about the company’s functionality and the process of starting communication with other users. Clients of the adult service have a wide range of options at their disposal. They can read naughty materials on the site, visit group chats of interest, etc. But it’s important to note the good set of features for a face-to-face conversation. Clients can use online chat, exchange spicy letters with erotic photos via e-mail and even start video communication. And the special Buzzmode function allows you to get the most out of the already started sexy webcam show with hot models.

Mennation users

MenNation Alternatives

Let’s say you’ve read the review of and made the decision to choose a different company. In this case, too, we can help you by recommending the best alternatives. For example, the adult site GaysTryst has a good reputation and works with a large number of homosexuals. So here you can find a partner for sex or flirt too. The adult Grindr site is also a good option. This company cares about the safety of users and offers a wide range of functionality to its customers. And one more quality alternative is JerkmateGay. Renowned adult service with rich experience and good reputation in LGBTQ.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Free Membership Features

So, it’s time to talk about the opportunities that a new client of the company gets. The user can fill out a profile, add photos or upload a video with his participation. Also, he can read a blog with sex stories for free, participate in nude-chat or watch the Buzzmode stream. The adult service offers a great set of features to make you enjoy yourself even without a top-up.

Premium Membership Features

MenNation cares about the user experience. Therefore, premium customers have access to a wide range of options. This is an option for exchanging messages, conducting video broadcasts, taking part in a competition. Moreover, the user can now tip and become a better fan. Thanks to this, communication on an adult site becomes as pleasant as possible.

How Much Is Dating on MenNation?

This is an important question often asked by potential customers in their reviews. The adult site offers adequate prices for its services and additional discounts for regular customers. The user can replenish the deposit using a credit card and enable the automatic replenishment option. Now the money will be debited according to the established schedule. The subscription price depends on the chosen tariff.

  • 1 month – $34.95;
  • 3 months – $59.85;
  • 12 months – $179.40.

MenNation boys

Is MenNation Safe?

Technical Side of Protection

Another important question that needs to be answered in the review is “is MenNation safe”. Customer safety is one of the top priorities for an adult website. Therefore, the company uses modern security systems and special technologies to counteract fraudsters. All personal data of the client (access to the profile, passwords, information and credit cards, etc.) are reliably protected using the SSL 3.0 protocol. Complex dynamic 256-bit code is almost impossible to crack. This means that a fraudster will not gain access to data that is important to you or your money. And you can chat on the adult site and have some spicy pleasure without any fear.

Customer Support

So, we found out, “is legit”. Now we need to talk about the support service. An adult service has created a convenient site where even an inexperienced user can register and figure it out. For example, in the FAQ section (link at the bottom), he can find answers to the most common questions. Also, the client can get professional help from the company’s employees. To do this, call the hotline (888-575-8383 or 408-702-1033). The courteous and professional staff will listen to his problem and provide prompt assistance. On the Internet, we have met a lot of positive feedback from real customers about the quality of the MenNation support service.


This is the final section of the review of MenNation with conclusions. The adult service offers a good range of features and adequate monthly subscription rates. And most importantly, it has a huge user base, where the chances of finding the perfect match are very high. And a high-quality search program helps you to act as efficiently as possible. The rating of the review is 9.1/10.

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